December 22, 2020

The Art of the Corporate Gift

The artworks in this exhibition are not for sale because they are produced as exclusive corporate gifts. In its capacity as an art publisher, Arser supervised the edition and fabrication of the sculptures on view. The artists and subjects featured were chosen in close cooperation with the client company concerned, depending on what it wishes to celebrate – an anniversary, event or occasion – and on the number of casts requested. The certificates issued by the Publisher contain the number of each cast and the artist’s signature, plus a message from the client company. The certificate is thus a precious document valued by the recipients of each gift sculpture. Arser collaborates with PR, events and advertising agencies recommending a sculpture to their clients as a memorable corporate gift.

Beppe Bonetti per Cogeme

The exhibition features artworks by five Italian artists: Beppe Bonetti, Bruno Chersica, Roberto Vecchione, Ugo Carà and Alberto Biasi. Works by them have been exhibited and are in collections located in cities ranging from Amsterdam to Osaka, New York and Sao Paolo. 

Established in 1974 by Giovan Battista Bettoni in Brescia, a city in northern Italy, Arser makes and sells multiples of sculptures created exclusively for the firm by prominent Italian artists. Its first catalogues were of works by Giò Pomodoro, Pino Spagnulo, Mauro Staccioli and Carmelo Cappello. And from 1990, Arser Edizioni embarked on a mission to democratize sculptural artworks through exhibitions at leading galleries in Italy and abroad.