The work of art in the era of the blockchain

Arser Edizioni offers, in addition to the traditional certificates of authenticity, a blockchain cryptography service that unequivocally records all data relating to the work of art, origin and transactions. 

NFT technology – nonfungible token, or non-fungible token, is now a consolidated reality in contemporary art. The complete traceability of the work and the possibility of dividing the ownership of the work of art are the main reasons for the interest of international collectors and auction houses in the Blockchain applied to art. 

The greatest limitation of the blockchain applied to art has so far been represented by the difficulty in identifying physical works by linking the token to the single work in an unequivocal way. Arser Edizioni has solved this problem with the same confidence with which, for over forty years, it has been certifying its sculpture editions. 

The advantages of digital cryptography applied to three-dimensional art are explained in detail in the free guide “The work of art in the era of the blockchain” created by Arser Edizioni available on request.