Arser Edizioni

Arser, Art editions since 1974

Founded in 1974 by GB Bettoni. Arser is an art publisher specializing in italian modern and contemporary sculpture. Each work has been crafted and signed by the artists exclusively for Arser . 

1974 Arser launches the first collection of sculptures by artists whose work was featured in international venues such as the Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassel. Amongst these artists were: Gio Pomodoro, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Mauro Staccioli, Carmelo Cappello.

1980 The Home Art catalogue is Arser’s second collection featuring more than 100 affordable small sculptures by renowned Italian artists. 

1990 Arser start a long term collaboration with leading advertising agencies with the goal of bringing art to large companies. Editions of bespoke artworks and small design objects are conceived exclusively for companies such as Electrolux Zanussi, Alitalia, Saint Gobain – to name a few.

2010 The latest collection Natura Prodotta features works produced using digital industrial processing and with a new vision aimed to blur the line between the art work in the traditional sense and industrial design. Artworks by: Riccardo Dalisi, Bruno Chersicla, Annamaria Gelmi.

All sculptures are numbered, signed,
and guaranteed by a Certificate of Authenticity